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Stress Relief Massage

Doha Massage-Qatar Massage-Relaxation Massage-Deep Tissue Massage-Thai

  • 1 h
  • ١٬٣٠٠ ريال قطري
  • Doha Massage Center

Service Description

Doha Massage Center For Booking Inquiry : +974 3339 7036 (WhatsApp) called a Swedish Massage, you will usually remove your clothing, and lay on a massage table (usually about thigh high) under a towel or blanket. The room is usually dimly lit with soft music playing. Once ready, the massage therapist will enter the room and then massage your back, arms, legs, head and a small portion of the chest. This type is more of a top layer massage. Average pressure is usually applied. Aromatherapy Stress Relief Massage: Basic massage that includes the use of natural or essential oils. The scents are chosen for their relaxing and healing benefits. Deep Tissue Stress Relief Massage: Focuses on massaging the deeper layer of muscles and tissue. It's usually used for severely tight muscles, posture problems and injury recovery. You can expect some soreness for a day or two after this massage. Hot Stone Massage: Smooth, heated stones are placed on parts of the body to loosen the muscles, and balance energy. Light pressure may be placed on the stones for a light massage. Reflexology: Pressure is applied to the foot in areas that correspond to systems and parts of the body. Shiatsu Stress Relief Massage: The massage therapist places their finger on specific points and applies pressure. The points followed are like those used in acupuncture. It is supposed to help with balance and energy. » Swedish Massage » Deep Tissue Massage » Doha Massage » Stress Relief Massage » Relaxation Massage » Qatar Massage » Hotel Massage » Reflexology » Thai Massage » Oil Massage » Ayurveda Massage » Spa » Good Massage » Bath Facilities

Contact Details

  • Al Khater Gardens, Doha, Qatar

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